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Creating added value in China means completely repositioning the product on the basis of the culture of the middle ground. Following our directions step by step, the results will be phenomenal.

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Creiamo la tua immagine aziendale e di prodotto in Cina dimostrando al consumatore cinese la tua autenticità e l'esclusività di poter acquistare i tuoi prodotti direttamente dalla nazione di origine.

Market Development

Thanks to the network of people developed over 30 years in the different industries of the Chinese market, it is possible for us to find and develop the market of your products, ensuring quality and efficiency of production, distribution and marketing processes.


Marketing Strategy

We create marketing strategies focused on your company's values in order to leverage them to make a big impact in the Chinese market, using new Chinese technologies and communication methods.


Business Analysis

We analyze your company to understand what your strengths, weaknesses, risks and growth opportunities are based on your company values and your goals.


Competition Analysis

We analyze the competition of the market based on the sector in which your company competes; we identify which are the main competitors and what realities can be potential partnerships with which to work in Asia.


Project Management

Thanks to our 30 years in the market, we know how to manage projects and relate with Chinese people and culture.
We ensure smooth management of the operations.

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We organize webinars in which we talk about the latest major economic trends in China, important lessons on how to approach the Chinese market, how to manage a negotiation with the East, and continuous updates on market trends and curiosity about the middle kingdom.


China Pills

Synthetic articles on which you can rely to know the Chinese culture's dogmas and market, read analysis and statistical data to constantly stay up to date on Chinese trends and bureaucracy changes.


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Years of experience in Asia
European companies brought to the Chinese market thanks to us
Companies opened in Asia (Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei)

About Us

We are a team of experts in growth-hacking related to digital strategies for cross border e-commerce to help small, medium and large companies to discover, market and leverage the most profitable digital distribution channels in Asia; we are also experts in the development of the physical distribution channels and in the branding activity (essential to be present in the Asian market).

We have been living and working in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai for more than 30 years strengthening our experience in managing production and project development processes.

Today, due to the Chinese market’s growth, we make our knowledge available to European brands with concern to the Chinese business dynamics and culture and to enter the Chinese market supported by my strong and reliable partner’s network built up in three decades of presence in the territory.

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"If I had met Alberto before, I would have avoided a lot of mistakes and useless expenses!"
Matteo S.
CEO @Madel S.p.A.
"Creating added value to products is not just about raising the price. With Alberto we repositioned the whole brand, achieving 6X results!"
Emilio B.
CEO @Bixio Poderi

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